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Records Storage & Document Shredding Services

Records Management
Are you drowning in paper? Are you running out of room in your office? Are you paying too much to lease space for your records?

NRM provides an affordable alternative for your storage needs.

NRM uses RS-SQL, a storage and management software program to manage your records.

NRM offers our clients access to their records through this online access or through a "live" trained customer sevice professional.

Media Storage
Off-site backup storage is your solution to a digital disaster. National Records Management will provide a rotation schedule to suit your specific requirements.

National Records Management in partnership with a world leader in Electronic Storage offers a variety of data backup and electronic vaulting solutions that protects your critical informantion stored on your laptop, PC, right through to information stored on your servers.

NRM offers:
One time large or small paper purges.
Regularly scheduled secure shredding services.
Accurate destruction from our records centre of your obsolete records.
EZE Shred

Shredding reduces the amount of information stored on-site or in a record storage centre. When employees do not know what to do with information, they may be tempted to put that information in filing cabinets or send it to records storage. They may be less likely to do this if they can identify that it is something that can be destroyed.